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I've been doing this as an activity, since I'm learning JavaScript.

According to what he says the exercise is this:

The idea is that when you click on the button to Register a Student capture the following data: the code, the name, and the note code. These data have to save them as a student object in a JSON then use it.

Here is the code that I have at the moment (or jsfiddle):

function registro() {

	var infoEstudiante;

	codigoE = String(document.getElementById('codigo').value);
	nombreE = String(document.getElementById('nombre').value);
	notaE = parseFloat(document.getElementById('nota').value);

// prueba de como deberia quedar la informacion
	document.getElementById('codigo1').value = codigoE;
	document.getElementById('nombre1').value = nombreE;
	document.getElementById('nota1').value = notaE;

	 alert("El Estudiante ha sido registrado con exito");

function log(str) {
	var logEl = document.createElement("td");
	logEl.textContent = str;
	logEl.className = "logCSS"; 
	//document.body.appendChild(logEl);  prueba

log(codigoE); log(nombreE); log(notaE);

<h1>Registro de Estudiante</h1>

<br><input type="text" id="codigo" value="" /><br>
<br><input type="text" id="nombre" value="" /><br>
<br><input type="text" id="nota" value="" /><br>
<button onclick="registro()">Registrar Estudiante</button>
<button onclick="mostrar_promedio()">Mostrar Promedio</button>
<button onclick="mostrar_nota_mayor()">Mostrar Nota Mayor</button>
<button onclick="mostrar_nota_menor()">Mostrar Nota Menor</button>

<h1>Listado de Estudiantes</h1>

<table border="1" id="otraprueba">

    <input type="text" id="codigo1" value="" disabled="" /></td>
    <input type="text" id="nombre1" value="" disabled="" /></td>
    <input type="text" id="nota1" value="" disabled="" /></td>
	<td id="codigo12">debajo va child</td><td id="nombre12"></td><td id="nota12"></td>
<div id="ultimaprueba"></div>

The question: How can I use a JSON using a form, without other program or database, only JavaScript? And I want to use it to get average people who are added by means of alerts and like how do you create a new node that can be divided by 3 sections, because my I get but is it all together?

IMPORTANT NOTE: I do Not know why it does not run the code in where it is, but that is what I have been doing on sublime, and DW, and it works, only use it as a reference for displaying the information.


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