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Class Base Repository does not assume DBset Property

Is this trying to migrate from entityframework to core a class Repository base where you have a property that defines the dbset like this:

protected DbSet dBset
            return Context.Set<TObject>();

when you implement the filter method

protected IQueryable Filter(Expression<Func<TObject, bool>> predicate)
        return dBset.Where(predicate).AsQueryable();
        // TODO: Control de excepciones

throws error:

'DbSet' does not contain a definition for 'Where' and the best overload for the extension method 'Queryable.Where(IQueryable, Expression>)' requires a receiver of type 'IQueryable'

I do not understand because it does not assume the dBset that I've defined as a property of this class but when I put the line with

return Context.Set<Tobject>();

with this line do not get the error, which is what is happening?


Leandro Tuttini Points 25288

Analyzing similar example implementations, such as:

Generic Repository Pattern implemented in .NET Core with EF Core

I don't see that they have a problem, you could see change, using something like this:

 protected IEnumerable<TObject> Filter(Func<TObject, bool> predicate)
    return Context.Set<TObject>().Where(predicate);

removing AsQueryable() and return the object list with the response of its execution


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