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Problems with JavaFX in NetBeans

I'm using NetBeans, and I'm getting started with JavaFX but when I try to create a project "FX Application" I get the following error:

Failed to automatically set-up a JavaFX Platform. Please go to Platform Manager, create a non-default Java SE platform, then go to the JavaFX tab, enable JavaFX and fill in the paths to valid JavaFX SDK and JavaFX Runtime. Note: JavaFX SDK can be downloaded from JavaFX website.

This is what I have installed so far:

  • NetBeans 11
  • JDK 12

I understood that the functions needed to use JavaFX were already included in JDK 12, or am I still missing something? Could the versions I have installed be the problem?

Good morning, and thank you very much for taking the time to reply.


Ruslan López Points 3867

As of Java 11 comes separately.

The good news is that you can download the Open JavaFx SDK for free from its official website since it is opensource and licensed under GPL.

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Thank you very much, you were right. I downloaded it, now I just need to add the files to NetBeans, right? Sorry, could you guide me on this?

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You add it to your path and Netbeans automatically detects it.

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I already added the path of the bin folder that belongs to javafx, to the path variable, but still, when I try to create the project I get errors, if you like to take a look at the second part of the question, it would be very helpful: en.stackoverflow.com/questions/272542/


Hector Points 1

After version JDK 8 the JDK (which is now OpenJDK ) does not support JavaFx but it is possible to create applications JavaFx adding the OpenJFX SDK by downloading it from its website . The instructions are a bit long, here is a good explanation at video .


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