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What is the reason for the Error: label must be in [0, num_class)

I am running a model using XGboost. I have the following error:

Error in xgb.iter.update(bst$handle, dtrain, iteration - 1, obj) : [12:23:02] amalgamation/../src/objective/multiclass_obj.cu:110: SoftmaxMultiClassObj: label must be in [0, num_class).

What could be the problem?

The code is as follows:

answer <- train$fine_labels
remove <- c("fine_labels")
trainning2 <- train[!(names(train) %in% remove)]
trainning_matrix <- as.matrix(trainning2)
dtrain <- xgb.DMatrix(data = trainning_matrix, label = answer)

nc <- length(unique(train$fine_labels))
nc <- as.numeric(as.character(nc))
xgb_params <- list("booster" = "gbtree", 
                   "eta" = 0.9944512, 
                   "max_depth" = 4, 
                   "subsample" = 0.8622684, 
                   "min_child_weight" = 0.7336961, 
                   "colsample_bytree" = 0.9545101, 
                   "gamma" = 8, 
                   "num_class" = nc - 1
model_xgb <- xgboost(data = dtrain, params = xgb_params, nrounds = 8, objective = "multi:softprob", eval_metric = "mlogloss")
pred <- predict(model_xgb, dtest)

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Hubert Ronald Points 1660

Viewing the report indicates that it is being assigned to dtrain a label that is not supported by the library XGBoost .

If you look at the previous link to the above library, the variable answer which will be the label from dtrain should be a vector of numeric type ({0,1}) i.e. the [0, num_class) that appears in the report.

For example answer <- c("1","2") it must be ensured that it starts with cero and that it is of numeric type:

    answer <- as.numeric(answer)-1
    class(answer); answer
    0 1

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Thanks @HubertRonald for your reply, I did indeed change the value of the "classes" to start from zero and it worked!


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