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How to calculate the discount percentage of the current price and the previous price?

How can I display the percentage in percentage % of as is value that is being applied to the discount of the product with the current price and the previous price.


If in the database I have the following records in the table products

id_pro     price     price_old
  1        50.00      100.00

The following message to show in the primer would be $50.00 / 50% discount

The query I do the following:

Note: The code PHP of the query is above the HTML

  if (isset($_GET['id'])){
    $id = $_GET['id'];
    $sql = "SELECT * FROM products WHERE url='".$id."'";
    $result = mysqli_query($con, $sql);

    if(mysqli_num_rows($result) > 0){
        while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) {
            $id = $row['id_pro'];
            $price = $row['price'];
            $price_old = $row['price_old'];

The results of the query show it as follows, within any content, HTML.

<?php echo $price; ?>

My idea is to be able to take the value of the two variables $price and $price_old and by means of them to show what percentage discount is being performed.

Note: Always when taking into consideration whether or not there is a previous price recorded in the table, some products will not have record of a previous price in this case would not exist a discount percentage in the column price_old table products

My idea would be something like that, but I have problems in approach of the code PHP to show the percentages taking account of the current price and the previous price.

  echo "Aquí el porcentaje -> 50% de descuento";
}else {
  echo "No existe descuento -> En este caso no se mostrara un texto, quedara un echo vació";


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You can use the rule of three, simple to calculate the percentage, where it multiplies the numbers crossed and divided it by the that is only.

Assuming that we have a product with a price above $120, and a current price of $60, the calculation would be as follows:

$120 -> 100%
$60  -> x

x = (60 * 100) / 120
x = 50%

The value of x is only the percentage difference that exists between both prices. To know the discount of the product it only remains to calculate the difference between 100% and x.

In PHP would look like:

// Si existe el precio anterior
if ($price_old != null) {
    // Se calcula el porcentaje de descuento
    $descuento = 100 - ($price * 100 / $price_old);
    // Se asigna a mensaje el precio y el descuento
    $mensaje = "$" . price . "/" . $descuento . "% de descuento";
} else {
    // Se asigna solamente el precio a mensaje 
    $mensaje = "$" . price;


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