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Set up mobile to debug with Android Studio

I have a BQ Aquaris E5 and a computer are operating system, Windows 10. When I try to test apps that I develop with on the phone I do not see the device. However the computer if it recognizes the phone and since I have allowed applications from unknown sources in your mobile phone. How can I fix it?


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I already found the solution. I had to activate debugging by usb. For this you have to enter in the options of the developer in settings. On my mobile they are hidden. To activate them you have to click 7 times on the phone information compilation number.


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By default no device is enabled with mode "desarrollador" (Depuración USB) unless it is a device strictly for development as the old G1.

To enable the "Developer" we entered in the settings in Ajustes -> Información del Teléfono

Press 7 times on the option "Número de compilación", to show us the message that indicates we can access to the options of "desarrollador".**

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Has been enabled on your device "Opciones de Desarrollo", enter and activate the option Depuración USB.

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With this we can connect our Android device and use it to develop applications.

Sometimes the confirmation takes to appear, even if it does not appear you can enable and disable USB Debugging ( "Debug USB" ) pair to detect the device.

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what's up? :)

Like you, I've gone to the Android programming. As beginners we make mistakes very common. The solution to your problem is the following:

1.On your device go into 'Settings'

2.Device information

3.In the label of the build number, tap 7 times. To activate the new function in the menu 'Settings'

4.In settings, log in to 'Developer Options' and check the USB debugging ;)

With these steps you will allow the environment to interact with your device using the transfer of information.

As an extra point, when you want to start your application for the first time from android studio, you will send an exception. For solucianarla only active Tools->Android->Enable ABD Integration

Best of luck! :D


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