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How to end a release with git flow without writing a message?

I am trying to automate the release of a module with a jenkins and part of it is to do a release of a particular módulo or program.

I'm using git-flow to make the releases but I stumbled with the problem that it asks me for a message at the time of end of said release and this is why I cannot automate it.

Let me explain better with an example:

I start my release:

git flow release start 1.0.0
//...luego hago otros pasos

I finish my release:

git flow release finish 1.0.0

Here I don'T want to leave the following screen:

//Línea en blanco para que yo escriba mi mensaje
# Write a tag message
# Lines starting with '#' will be ignored.

When I write the message and keep, all goes well but I want to somehow put some message by default or leave it blank. Is there any way of doing it?


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This may be what you are looking for ->

git flow release finish 1.0.0 -m 'Su mensaje'

git flow release finish -m 'Su mensaje' 1.0.0

git flow release finish [-FsumpkS]

the of -m

https://github.com/nvie/gitflow/blob/develop/git-flow-release#L194 https://github.com/nvie/gitflow/blob/develop/git-flow-release#L251

the -f mensajeFile

https://github.com/nvie/gitflow/blob/develop/git-flow-release#L195 https://github.com/nvie/gitflow/blob/develop/git-flow-release#L252


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