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How do I add minutes to an hour I have?

I have a texbox where the current time is shown in 24hrs format, as follows.

 var horaactual= moment(new Date()).format('H:mm'); 

My objective is to add the current time of the first field with the number of a second field, but I don't know how to indicate that this number interprets them as minutes, since I need it to add them. Example:

txthora: 20:27 - txtnumero: 7. result : 20:34.

I need help to express it in js.


You can do this with a function that returns the original object and then just format it.

function addMinutes(date, minutes) {
    return new Date(date.getTime() + minutes*60000);

var horaactual= new Date(); 
var horamod = moment(addMinutes(horaactual,3)).format("H:mm");

You can find the original code here


sonEtLumiere Points 136
    var fecha = new Date();
    var hora = fecha.getHours();
    var minutos = fecha.getMinutes();

    if (hora < 10) {hora = "0" + hora};
    if (minutos < 10) {minutos = "0" + minutos};

    var textoHora = `Hora actual: ${hora}:${minutos}`;

    var numberInput = 15;                   //Acá ingresas el numero que va a sumarse con los minutos
    var newMinutes = minutos + numberInput;

    var counter = 0;    
    for(i = 0; i < newMinutes; i++){  
        if(counter == 60) {
           newMinutes -= 60;
           counter = 0;

    if (hora < 10) {hora = "0" + hora};
    if (newMinutes < 10) {newMinutes = "0" + newMinutes};

    console.log(`Nueva Hora: ${hora}:${newMinutes}`);


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