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ImportError: DLL load failed while importing QtCore: The specified process was not found.

I have been trying to install Pyside2 on my Windows 10 64 bits and it installs correctly but the problem occurs when I want to use this library in my Anacond text editor I get this error ImportError: DLL load failed while importing QtWidgets: No se encontró el proceso especificado.

The code I am using is the following:

from PySide2.QtWidgets import QPushButton, QApplication
import sys

# Aplicación de Qt
app = QApplication()
# Se crea un botón con la palabra Hola
button = QPushButton('Hola')
# Se hace visible el botón
# Qt loop


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I have little idea about the environment you are working in, what you have tried or the reason for the error. Looking on the internet I found several possible solutions.

Solution 1

Take a look at C:\Windows\System32 and verify the names of the dll's you have installed. If they are different, change the name and that's it. The dilemma is to know which dll is giving the error.

Reference here

Solution 2

Have updated pip, so the solution is to update pip and reinstall pyqt5.

python -m pip install --upgrade pip
python -m pip install pyqt5

Reference here and also here y here

Solution 3

I am not sure about this solution because it is for PyQt4 but you could try.

Reinstall Python in administrator mode for all users of the pc, selecting "add to PATH" in the first step. Open the command prompt in administrator mode and update pip using the command python -m pip install mitmproxy (which I took from this linl because when trying to run pip install --upgrade pip was giving an access denied error. After that, download PyQt4 as .whl from this link making sure it was the version for Python 3.5. Finally, install the .whl with pip install "file".whl from the folder that contains it.

Reference here

If none of this works, someone more knowledgeable will have to come along to help you;)

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Thank you very much friend your help was very useful, thanks for your time you have made me a great contribution since I have been able to solve the error.


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