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Should I exclude .slconfig from version control?

I am using SonarLint in my .NET Core project. When I integrate the projects with SonarLint, the following files are generated inside the folder .sonarlint :

  • <NombreProyectoSonarQube>CSharp.ruleset
  • <NombreSolucion>.slconfig

The file .ruleset contains the rules for Sonarlint and SonarQube so I keep this file in version control.

But what about the .slconfig Should I keep this file in version control or should I exclude it (add to .gitignore in my case)


Carlos Muñoz Points 11100

This file Yes must be included in version control.

This file controls the synchronization of the source code and SonarQube.

It includes, among other things:

  • ServerUri that points to the SonarQube server to which the project is linked.
  • ProjectKey with the project key in the SonarQube server.
  • Profiles which includes ProfileKey which is an identifier for the Quality profile selected on the server.

Source: This publication from the SonarSource community: SonarLint source control


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