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Differences between ASP.NET Core Web Application and Web Application .Net Framework

What is the difference between:

ASP.NET Core Web Application

and between:

ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework)

I mean, I've seen that when you create web pages that is what I want, more use the .NET Framework and not the .NET Core.

I'm fine when you want to use any of the 2 to create a web page for an academic job?

Should I use the Vb 2019 ,2017 or 2015?


Rafael Acosta Points 1

In principle, both frameworks will allow you to create Web applications, but there are differences significables between them.

As to expose all the differences between ASP.NET Framework and ASP.NET Core, would be the subject of an extensive or even a tutorial, we will tell you what is important to understand it.

1 - The applications created with the framework .NET Core are cross-platform, this means that you can run both the Windows as well as Linux. The created with .NET Framework can run only on Windows (IIS).

2 - .NET Framework, is the classic structure that inherited from the ancient ASP.NET Web Forms (libraries System), and that it has evolved until the latest frameworks like ASP.NET MVC.

3 - on the other hand .NET Core framework is a completely new and rewritten from scratch, which aims to give an approach more close to the current standards, and the development of Web applications (cross-Platform).

Regarding your questions:

- Use the Framework and not the Core: It is true that it is used more .NET Framework that .NET Core, and it is simply by that .NET Core is new, and although the changes between both are not significant at the level of programming, if you are at the level of implementation.

- Should I use the Vb 2019 ,2017 or 2015?: Always use the latest version of Visual Studio, although if you are going to develop applications .NET Framework as Web Forms or ASP.NET MVC 3 or 4, as it is more convenient to use older versions of Visual Studio. On the other hand, if you opt for .NET Core, it always uses the latest version.


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