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PHP: function mysqli_connect_errno () VS function mysqli_connect_error ()?

I have a doubt between these two, I understand that the errno I going to pull a string, what I read in the docu that comes embedded in the IDE, on the connect_error says:

  • Adjusts the result pointer to an arbitrary row in the result

I'm not clear what you mean with that adjusts the result to a cell of arbitrary.

Thank you!


Marcos Points 15902

I would say that your IDE , is showing erroneous information, as the message that dating corresponds to the method:


Adjust the pointer of result to a row in arbitrary result. [...]Returns TRUE in case of success or FALSE in case of error.

And with regard to the methods in question:


Returns a string with the description of the last connection error.
[...]A string that describes the error. Returns NULL if there has occurred any error.


Returns the error code of the last call
[...]An error code for the last call to mysqli_connect(), if it has failed. zero means that there has occurred no error.


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