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Problems with virtualization on VMware

I have a problem of virtualizing on vmware, from there I had several doubts, just download and install VMware, but when you create a virtual machine and try to install kali linux, first I got the following error:

this kernel requires an x86-64 cpu but only detected an i686 cpu vmware

But, this happened because I had not properly configured the virtual machine, but to do it well, I got an error similar to:

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I realize that the error is because I have to enter the BIOS to enable virtualization, but when researching I came up with a doubt, I have as operating system Windows 7 Home Basic, but not exactly if I can virtualize in this operating system, since I read somewhere that you can't, that's why I want to know if that information is accurate, and if it is not, then how can I enable the virtualization options for my operating system, by the way my PC is 64 bit and my operating system as I have 4GB of RAM and 2 processors, when you create and configure the virtual machine I gave it 2GB of RAM and in other cases 1GB, as the processors I put 1 processor. For your attention thank you, hopefully can be of help.


My always happens to me that, that from what you say, that in the bios is not active the option of virtuallizacion.

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